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"Promoting Southern Gospel Music & Christian Unity"


*Concert History*

     The Lexington Southern Gospels Concert Series started with a trial concert on Palm Sunday in April 2000 at the Lexington Masonic Temple.  The group "The Sammons Brothers" were scheduled to perform that evening.  Their tenor, Jamie Pittman, was ill and Tom and Jack Sammons "drafted" their wives in that emergency.  Out of this situation, "Sammons Brothers and Company" was formed.  A total of 35 persons enjoyed that Concert and all agreed that they would like the series to continue.  

     We started the Concert Series on September 10th, 2000, at the Masonic Temple  with the all-male quartet "New Destiny".  Lexington Police Officer Pat Dawson attended our October 2000 Concert and she was so impressed with the program that she volunteered to assist in getting it going.    Pat also got Pastor Linda Jo Powers of the Lexington United Methodist Church interested and at the November Concert, Pastor Linda Jo on that date offered the Methodist Church to the group for further Concerts.  The Concert Series was not moved until May of 2001 to the United Methodist Church.  That first concert drew 26 people.  The following month, June, saw the Concert Series change direction.  "Hope's Call", a new female trio at that time, came for a concert and we had our newest record of 75 in attendance.  July came and we had 90 come to see "The Grimshaw's".  Larger crowds started coming to these concerts.

    April 2002 was our next milestone when 150 came to see "Hope's Call" return to Lexington.  July 1, 2002 came and Pastor Linda Jo Powers, who was then our Co-Chairperson, was transferred to Beaverton and Pastor Betty Blair assumed the duties at Lexington UMC.  She, too, was a beacon of light for the Concert Committee.  From April through September the series attracted an average attendance of 103 persons.  October 2002 saw us hit our peak when 199 patrons filled the Sanctuary of the Lexington United Methodist Church to see "The Calvarymen Quartet."  October, 2003 brought new records again when the "Calvarymen Quartet" sang to a record crowd of 233.  

    One highlight came when on April 11th 2003 when we hosted our first  Nationally known Group.  Two weeks prior to that date we received an offer to have "The Weatherford's" in Concert on that date.  The  Weatherford's have appeared on many of the Gaither Homecoming Video's.  After much scrambling, with our committee working as a team,  and with far and wide power outages in the area, we were able to pull this one off.  The Weatherford's were very pleased with the turnout (120) and Love Offering and mentioned maybe they could come back in 2004.  And come back they did on September 5, 2004.  They are beautiful people singing beautiful Christian music.

      Our goal is to feature the finest in Southern Gospel Music, available, and to Promote Christian Unity throughout the Thumb.  We  had people representing at least 69 different Church's attend our Concert Series during 2002.  We have had persons from at least 287 different Church's attend our Concert Series since we started keeping track in 2002.  We had a Pastor from Prairie Du Chren, Wisconsin visit us.  Even more recently we had a gentleman from Ashland, NE in attendance.  At our April 2010 Concert we had four (4) young people from Italy drop in. They stated they had never heard Southern Gospel Music before and they really enjoyed it.

    All concerts are held at the Lexington United Methodist Church which is located at 5597 S. Main St., In beautiful downtown Lexington, MI. just two blocks south of the light.  We thank the members of the Lexington United Methodist Church for allowing us to host these concerts.  May 2015 started our 15th year at this venue.

Last Concert and Upcoming

LAST:    Concert # 186 -  " The Rob Mills Family" - We had our largest crowd of the year and they went home excited about the Lord after this concert with  Rob Mills and his family.  It was hard to get to their table after the concert was over. 

COMING UP:   Concert # 187 - "The Calvarymen Quartet" are up next.  June 12th will be here fast and that is the date all are looking forward to as the Calvarymen return to Lexington after a one year absence.  They were on our schedule in February last year, but the weather caused us to cancel the concert.  We are looking forward to seeing Phil, Barry, Steve and Jim again.

Happy Memorial Day to all Veterans and their families.

More on our upcoming concerts on our schedule page.


All members of the Armed Forces serving around the world as they continue to keep our country free.   


Tom Drake, Chairman (email) gospelman713@att.net

Co-Chair Ollie Spencer  810-648-2496 

Barbara Drake  810-385-9037

Minnie Leibler   810-648-2817

Joyce Coon    810-359-7618                                                                                  

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